About Us

TOTAL, company aims to be a major force in the Industrial Trading & Contracting sector in the State of Kuwait, since our founding in 2000 after the liberation of Kuwait. We have positioned ourselves to be the right partner with major international collaboration who wants to operate in this region. TOTAL is an ISO 9001:2008 and a TRACE due-diligence company.

TOTAL believes in CUSTOMER FIRST and provides the best performance possible, by cost-effective pricing through efficiency and quality services. Our major services cover Trading, Contracting and Technical information services as System Integrators through a Quality Management Program that puts our team to be experts to work with you through our international vendors mainly from U.S., Europe, S.Korea and Asian region.

TOTAL Communicates this desire – inform, inspire, and improve

  • We inspire our clients. We help them identify opportunities for business improvement, identify gaps and risks in their operations with our technical information solutions.
  • We improve our clients’ business operations and efficiency via operational improvement, communication and timely delivery and services with our Industrial Trading solutions.
  • We inform our clients. We provide access to knowledge, for a enhanced brand reputation and customer confidence, reduced fraud and corruption risk, better supply chain management, and improved productivity.

In over 10 years of business, we’ve proven that TOTAL can be entrusted to protect your trust & confidence in your requirements and projects. Our success mainly due to the dedication of a highly skillful team, who are our main asset.

Trace Saipen ISO BSI